Residential Transitional Rehabilitation Program

Delivering safe, clean, specifically-tailored housing in our apartment community supported by brain injury specialists 24 hours a day. 

What to expect:
• Providing an environment that encourages full participation in life

• Fostering engagement in social connections, volunteering, community events, and recreation

• Creating structure and routine to keep residents active and on track

• Facilitating meal planning, budgeting, medical supports, and wellness 

Welcome to our apartments in SE Portland!

“Residential Living” can mean something a little different to each person. The Residential Community at BRN is designed so that each person receives the needed support to experience the highest levels of independence while also experiencing a high quality of life.

Because we have apartment living (1 & 2 bedroom units) we can focus on functional independence, quality of life, and whenever possible a return to work.

It is noteworthy that some people call our Residential Community “home” for a few months and some people call it “home” for years. 
What happens day to day you may ask... regaining or maintaining independence with ADL (personal care / grooming), IADL (community access, cooking, cleaning, etc) and when possible get-back-to work routines!

All too often people are discharged from the hospital to their couch (or the bed of a nursing facility). This is a problem because people don't get better on the couch.  and with brain injury recovery, time is of the essence!

At BRN we work with people to gain the necessary skills to reconnect with their community (family, friends and work), to create a positive outlook and to keep journeying forward in life.

Regardless for how long BRN is your home we will keep you at the center of care and rehab while pursuing life to the fullest! 

Fall brings browns, reds, yellows and gold to Portland.


Excellent walkability to nearby restaurants, stores and parks & several nearby public transportation options!




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Graduate Testimonial

"I took advantage of every opportunity to participate in my life. Because everyone on the team knows my goals, I was able to get where I am today."

- 28 year old male 

Current Resident Testimonial

"Living here gave me the opportunity to find my voice and my life so I can have a relationship with my kids."

- 38 year old male 

Graduate Testimonial

"I was emotionally broken and medically complex, surviving each day was my only goal. I was led to BRN where I found hope and love that supported me in getting back to work and living independently." 

- 52 year old female

Current Resident Testimonial

"I have all of my independence and all of the support I need to live my best life."

- 40 year old male 

Graduate Testimonial

"They told me I would never be able to do anything for myself. With the guidance and support of BRN I'm back to work, making music and thriving in life."

- 23 year old female