Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program

A team-oriented approach to brain injury rehabilitation featuring rehab medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology and rehabilitation psychology.

What to expect

• Providing up to 30 hours per week of intensive rehabilitation

• Maximizing functional independence and quality of life by addressing mobility, balance/vestibular disorders, vision changes, cognition/communication, mood/behavioral
changes, and medication/medical case management

• Exploring new paths forward and participating in meaningful life roles

• Preparing injured workers for competitive employment

Rehab after Brain Injury:

Are you trying to get back to life after a concussion / mTBI, stroke or TBI?

Most experienced team of providers in the post-acute brain rehab space. As you know with experience comes insight and perspective that can only be gained through time in the clinic and the community. Our team of experts is led by our Physician and Psychology team working side by side with interdisciplinary therapy team of therapists (PT, SLP, OT). The keen understanding of recovery timelines for brain injury and the importance of providing results-oriented rehab is what we do. 

Most Accessible, because our expert team of providers has achieved unparalleled credentials this means BRN can (and does) work with most insurance companies. Referring physicians and patients can rest assured that BRN works with all Workers’ Comp insurers, Commercial Health Plans, Medicare and Medicaid. 

Most credentialed program in the region. CARF accreditation is the industry standard and BRN took it a step further by becoming the only CMS certified CORF in Oregon. Credentials are good validation that our systems of care and admin processes are best practices and specific to the needs of each person with a brain injury.

Feel confident about your recovery and create your Go Forward plan today!