These are more than pictures.
A brain injury touched these lives and recoveries were made!

People first

Person-centered care matters most. BRN knows that the person needs to be put before the brain injury and the outcome, otherwise there is a risk of losing all three.
Too often people experience uncoordinated rehabilitation which wastes precious time, increases frustration, squanders money and makes everyone feel stuck. Life is too short; life after brain injury must go on and BRN is the team to help people and the rehab plan move forward.

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Experience recovery

Brain injury hits everybody hard - we understand and we are here to help. BRN exists to help support each person to think better, get stronger and feel better.
At BRN we  create a hope-filled environment where each person is supported to maximize their recovery! Our network of programs (outpatient program, residential program, home & community program) meet people where they are and support people to recover as they should

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Most Credentialed Brain Injury Rehab Programs in the Region

Patients, families, physicians and case managers need to know that not all brain rehab programs are equal.
The credentials BRN earned are additional validation that BRN is the most focused and accessible provider for brain rehab services in the region.

At Brain Rehab Network, we think differently about helping adults who have a brain injury. Keeping the person at the center of care, we work tirelessly toward functional independence and quality of life.

Survivors of brain injury often experience hopelessness, isolation and loss. To offset these challenges and help you make the most of your recovery we... 
Foster an environment filled with HOPE
Create a specialized COMMUNITY that understands TBI
Demonstrate LOVE by serving the needs of each person 

Brain Rehab Programs Designed For You To Maximize Your Recovery

Comprehensive Outpatient

Delivering person-centered care maximizing function, independence and quality of life

Transitional Rehabilitation

Offering supported living where individuals are engaged, understood and thriving. Short and long-term apartment options are available.

Home and
Community Support

Facilitating safe and independent living through home and community support

Post-Concussion Bootcamp

Concussion symptoms lasting beyond the expected recovery time frame, then research says the multidisciplinary rehabilitation, what we do at BRN, is needed.